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VX-1026 HPNA Switch y VX-120 HPNA / MDU Routing Concentrator ideales para montar una red Home PNA en casa


Os presentamos 2 aparatos para montar una red HomePNA en casa: VX-1026 HPNA Switch / MDU Routing Concentrator.

Con el VX-1026 HPNA Switch se puede montar una red HomePNA en casa aprovechando las tomas telefonicas (RJ11) en cada habitacion.
VX-1026 HPNA Switch / MDU Routing Concentrator Description:

VX-1026 HPNA Switch / MDU Routing Concentrator Description:
VX-1026 HPNA switch system is the MDU Access Routing Concentrator most suitable for Internet Service Provider's residential gateway application. This 24 port HPNA switch is ideal for Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Internet services such as hotel / motel, apartment, multi-tenant commercial , student dorm, campus, and local loop. The VX1026 utilizes the existing telephone wiring within a building to deliver data at mega-bit speed and does not interrupt regular voice services. Data and voice run simultaneously on the same pair of wire without any re-wiring. The managed HPNA switch system supports a concentrator mode, where each of the ports 0-23 is only to directly communicate with the Uplink/downlink port#24 (25th Port) and port#25 (26 Port). This mode ensures that data from any of ports 0-23 cannot be directly seen by another port. This feature is used in applications to provide data privacy to subscribers.

HPNA Switch / MDU Routing Concentrator Product Features:

alt 24 HomePNA 1.0/1.1 ports
alt 2x10/100Mbps TX/FX ports with separate HPNA module .
alt Each port can be on/off via network management .
alt Bandwidth can be controlled on each port (rate control).
alt Forwarding and Filtering at full wire speed.
alt Up to 64k Mac addresses.
alt Single Store and Forward at Ingress Port.
alt Cut-Through Switching at Destination Ports.
alt Supports IP Multicasting with IGMP snooping.
alt Supports spanning tree with CPU, on per port VLAN basis.
Management Features:
alt An administration console: Using Menu driven console text via the RS232 connector.
alt Web-based network management: Web browser support based on HTTP server and CGI parser.
alt SNMP Management Agent and MIB II: Sun Solaries HP OpenView, Castle Rock Computing SNMP etc.
alt Telnet Management: Like a remote administration console.
alt Others: TFTP, BOOTP Client, Boot Server, Radius Client, RMON and Storage for Ethernet Agent, IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree, IEEE 802.1 P GARP/GVRP, RIP-1, RIP2, IGMP Snooping.

Traffic Classification:
alt 4 transmission provides for Fast Ethernet ports
alt 2 dropping levels
alt Classification based on:
- VLAN priority field in VLAN tagged frame
- DS/TOS field in IP packet
alt UDP/TCP logical ports: 8 hard-wired and 8 programmable ports, including one programmable range.
Packet Filtering & Port Security:
alt Static address filtering for source and/or destination MAC.
alt Static MAC address not subject to aging.
alt Secure mode freezes learning. Each port may independently use this mode.
alt Backpressure flow control for Half Duplex ports.
alt Supports per-system option to enable flow control for best effort frames even on QoS-enabled ports.
alt Support Ethernet multicasting and broadcasting control.
alt Port trunking groups, one for the 10/100 ports, and two groups for HPNA ports, with up to 4 HPNA ports per group.
alt Port Mirroring: to any two of 0-23 ports.
alt Support Stacking mode up to 32 systems.
Qos Support
alt Support IEEE 802.1p Quality of Service with transmission priority queues with delay bounded, strict priority, and WFQ service disciplines.
alt Provides 2 levels of dropping precedence with WRED mechanism.
alt User controls the WRED thresholds
alt Buffer management: per class and per port buffer reservations.
alt Port-based priority: VLAN priority with tagged frame can be overwritten by the priority of PVID
HPNA Switch / MDU Routing Concentrator Specifications:



Dimensions 17.25 (L)in x 9.5(W)in x 1.75(H)in Power Supply 100-240VAC
Weight 7 lbs Range 10°C to 85°C (Storage)
    Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
    Temperature 0°C to 60°C (Operating)

Con el VX-120 HPNA Switch se puede adaptar la toma RJ11 a RJ45 para conectar nuestro PC.

VX-120 HPNA Switch / MDU Routing Concentrator :


VX-120HPNA Switch / MDU Routing Concentrator Description:
VX-120 Ethernet to HPNA bridge / HPNA adapter is a revolutionary home networking solution that bridges networked PCs and Internet access devices. Not only does the HPNA bridge system possess the capability to integrate the Ethernet and the Home Phoneline Network, it also allows PCs to share broadband Internet access. This HPNA adapter device complies with Home Phone Networking Alliance 1.1 as well as the FCC standards; and, it is suitable in business as well as residential environments. The VX120 Ethernet to HPNA bridge, moreover, is designed to propagate the simultaneous transmission of data and voice. This means that VX120 users are now able to send and receive data while conducting telephone conversations. Its best application is for hospitality industry such hotel or conference room. This Ethernet to HPNA bridge is also competible with HomeRun and long run adapter.

Ethernet to HPNA Bridge / HPNA Adapter Product Features:

alt Support Two 10Base-T Ethernet port and one HPNA port.
alt Provide 1.0Mbps / 1.4Mbps always-on Internet Access.
alt Distance up to 1,200 Meters away **.
alt It designed to propagate the simultaneous transmission of Data and Voice.
alt It allows PCs to share broadband Internet access such as DSL/Cable Modem.
alt HomeRun Compatible (ie. EXPRESSO MDU HR2000T)
Ethernet to HPNA Bridge / HPNA ADapter Specifications:



Dimensions 4.6 (L)in x 3.55 (W)in x 1 (H)in Power Supply 100-240VAC
Weight 0.5 lbs Range 10°C to 85°C (Storage)
    Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
    Temperature 0°C to 60°C (Operating)

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