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Projecto Domótica

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Hello Cancela,

Welcome to the forum of DomoPrac.

If you want to learn how made a programation with Software for SIMONVIS in Spanish (TERMVIS 2.1) first you need to read this links in the DomoTeca:

- Ligths:

- Blinds:

- Irrigation:

here you can to see screens and steps for made a complete programation. Next publications in this Home Automation web will be continue with next kind of controls (climate control, security system,...and finaly we explain how create complex programmings).

You can see the real updating in this link (this is my square home automation control):

At the same time we will be explain and support new software for IHC (ultimate version of "SIMONVIS") and step by step how create all programation. If you change the Brain of SIMONVIS system by IHC ultimate version, your system will be new improves (IP control, viewer software, wireless moduls,...) and in this new system you can made a simulation and check then off-line before send the programation to the brain,...

This is the futur of the older system SIMONVIS,...

PS: We are moving the web a joomla new format and for the people not spanish speakers you will have a Google Translator inside each publication for translate easy and understand better this web.



Los que piensan que la domótica es el futuro, viven en el pasado

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15 años 7 meses antes #551 por Cancela

I am a Portuguses Student that is doing a project about Domótica with Simon Vis and i was sow interesting in doing this that i went for it and made it to my Project but now i am having some problems programing Termvis 2.1.
I am doing an Habitation with Sal 125 and COC 125.
In the first ten steps its OK but then when i reach FUNCIóN DOBLE EN PULSADOR but then i cant do anything futher... Its a bit hard translating Spanish to Portuguse all time it gits confusing mostly when u think a word means 1 thing and when it doesnt mean that... i woul like to now if guys can help Programing TermVIS 2.1 for COC 125 and SAL 125 and i really would like to see some fotos of the finish job or somehing that i can show to a room full of teacher for the Project .
Sry for tiping in English.

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